Monday, August 8, 2011

The Next Two Things To Be Quilted

This will be a valance which will hang in my craft room - but it will double as a table runner.

And this will be a coffee-table runner for summer:


At long last the 2009 Block-of-the-Month, the very first one I ever did, is finished!   I call it the Rosetree Cottage quilt - after the name of the line of fabric from Studio E.
It is hand-quilted and I used WOOL batting with this one which was just pure joy to quilt.

A detail of the center:

A few new crumb blocks

Made a few new ones, I am thinking I might be able to make enough for a whole quilt.   I certainly have enough bags of crumbs!

On the left are a few Mama crumbs (6 1/2") and on the right some baby crumbs (3 1/2").

It's been awhile, but I've been busy....

Just the last few days I have finished a couple of small mats which I call crumb blocks surrounded by logs. Actually a good friend made this up as far as I know and I like the design. The center crumb block is 6".
I am enjoying them at work - they really bring up my spirits!