Monday, October 29, 2012

This and That....

Aren't these cute?  Crumb block of 30's fabrics.

This is the first of three Saturday Sampler quilt tops being "arranged".

 The newest project which stressed out my arms so I've had to take a break from it.  It is a Darlene Zimmerman pattern from one of her books and the yellow you see is going to be used for sashing.  In her pattern she uses blue, yellow, purple, green & orange as best I can see but no red.  I have added in red.  My top will be 7 x 8 blocks.   These cute l'il shamrocks are only 6 1/2". 

A couple of all blue 3 1/2" crumb blocks just for fun!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Two More Civil War Love Letter blocks, 10 to go!

Here are two more done.  I have only 10 more blocks to finish before I am DONE!!!

Another Battle


Monday, September 17, 2012

Lots more CWLL blocks loaded

 I loaded 27 more today for a total of 109.   Here are a couple of my favorites.   The one above is A Good Straw Bed.   I felt the tan material reminded me of a good straw bed and the purple just seemed right with it.

 This one is Provisions and I had a great time picking green and brown fabrics for it.  I wanted it to look like tasty provisions.

 This one is called Sickness and I felt the blue and tan fabrics, their colors and designs made me feel a bit nauseous, i.e. sick.  I love the small flag in the center.
Thank you Rosemary Youngs for these wonderful books!!!

 This one is called Whizzing Bullets and it took some time to find the right combination of fabrics to give me the feeling of whizzing bullets. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Always Hopeful & Cheerful" Latest CWLL block

My latest Civil War Love Letter block finished (although not yet ironed) is one I especially like both the fabrics and the name of it:

Always Hopeful and Cheerful


Friday, August 31, 2012

More Civil War Love Letter Blocks done

I've gotten 2 more blocks made and posted 13 more onto my Page of Civil War Love Letter blocks.  

I have 12 more to do (out of 121 blocks) and then they will all be done!  I started this in 2009 and will hopefully finish it in 2013.

I have a LOT more blocks completed that have to get scanned in also.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday Sampler blocks

All three sets, purple, taupe, and batik.
I've decided to quilt all three in sections. 
Two will be machine-quilted, and the taupe one will be hand-quilted - maybe.

Crazy quilt progress

I sewed the parts together last night and now just have to finish some bits and sew on a fat velveteen border in brown or burgundy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top finished!

       I managed, on the May Saturday sew-day, to get my "feedsack squares" quilt top finished.

I am now debating how it will be quilted.

Such wonderful color!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Books Ordered!!!

Funtime with 30's things

I got 2 more blocks sewn up for my Hard Times, Splendid Quilts top.  The pictures do not in the least convey how very nice they really look - it is a lighting issue. 

The pink one is pretty decent but the "blue" one isn't at all showing how nice the fabrics are.

I'll be re-taking these photos's.

Here though is a picture of my greatly enlarged 30's fabric stash which doesn't even have a home yet.   Ain't they DELICIOUS!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yes, another project underway!

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time really.   I've enlarged the size of the squares from the original pattern, mine are 5".   Just last night I got 2 more rows sewn together.

And here is where I am putting the pieces together.

Craft Room Windowsill blooms

The African violets in my craft room are blooming, only 2 of the 3 but I love it when they do!

Blocks done - but not ironed.

My Saturday Sampler blocks which I am pleased to have done but they are not ironed yet.  They look good which means good things because my clothes don't look this good when they are not ironed!

 When the fabrics are selected for the PURPLE version of this block it should look pretty nice in this purple box.

I just love these Art Bin boxes.

Moving to brighter & happier things -

Unfinished things...

As I took pictures last night this one struck me and darn it, I plan to FINISH these Unfinished Things...the crazy quilt that started it all and the pair of pants behind it that need hemming.      
Not shown though is a great big one - a dollhouse that is positively languishing....

Fabulous Feedsack fabric!!!!

I found this on sale and just love the stuff.  I got 3 yards of it and have no idea just where it will end up but it will be something special - like all my quilty stuff isn't special?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Still here! Nice new book though!

I found this at Hobby Lobby this past Saturday and was enchanted.  Patterns, recipes, very wonderful advice from the 1920's.

Currently, besides enjoying this book the cover of which has very 20's/30's pattern fabric, I am working on hand-quilting my Mill Girls quilt and just loving that top more and more.  I can hardly wait to put the binding on it and use it!!!

I have quite a few new pics to take to show what has been going on too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A New quilt in progress....

I am excited because this one is my first with 30's reproductions!!!!  I'm going to call this block the cats and dogs block because they are in there. 
Nineteen more to go!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bits and Pieces

 The latest purple block - in progress since this very morning.
 NOW I have a collection of 30's fabrics.  I can hardly wait to get into them and cut them up and reassemble them!
 I am working on the churn dash part of my Hearts and Apron Strings.   Ten of thirty are done, 1/3 through.
It has taken me a few years but I finally got a sewing machine caddy made up for my old and dear friend, my mainstay sewing machine.
I wanted to use these fabrics and colors after making one of the Civil War Quilt blocks and deciding I just loved the combination. 

My craft room is very multi-color.

What was done on February Saturday sew-day

I got out my new 30's fabrics and started making blocks from Hard Times, Splendid Quilts. 

Instead of the 10" blocks size of the book, I am making them in 12" size.

New book, just arrived!

The mail was not checked yesterday (being a Monday and all) and so this morning on my way in to work I checked it and here it was, a book I didn't think I'd get for another week or two.   It is all I could have wished for and more.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last two blocks are done!!!

This block is called Order #11
I had serious doubts about my ability to finish this block because it is applique and smaller than I've worked like that before but I managed it.

This one is called West Virginia.

NOW I can plan out how to set all these wonderful blocks out!

Morning indulgence

This morning I sat down in my craft room as I do every morning for just a few minutes sometimes to just look at things and recall good times past and contemplate many good times (sewing) in the future.
Having just finished the BB CWQ blocks last night;  I dragged out my Saturday Sampler box and thought I'd just look at the blocks all laid out on felts.
Then I said, awww, just sew up a coupla bits....just a few.

I had to DRAG myself away from the 2/3rd's completed block and had barely enough time to make my breakfast and lunch (had to eat at work) and get dressed and out the door!  
It truly was SEW MUCH FUN that I just almost could not stop. 
I kept saying to myself, "time to quit kid" and then kept going.
The clock battery is dying in my craft room and it showed 3 am and so I couldn't see how much time was passing and it was moving fast.

Still, it was worth it.  Blocks look good laid out on felts but they look even better when sewn together!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last blocks are getting done.

 Sewed this one up (Port & Starboard) this very morning.  I changed the red and blue fabrics too as the original pieces were just too washed out.

 Rosebud is a nice block and I like the fabrics I selected but I had some trouble with this one.
It's odd because I had no problems with a six-inch version.

The Barbara Fritchie Star.
I try but just can't always get rid of the stray bits of thread on my scans, grrrr.

TWO more blocks left to finish up!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

This is the window in my little craft room.
It can't be called a quilting/sewing room because it is shared with my dollhouses.

Other than this photo, I have been busy this past weekend.
Had a "put-away" of fabrics, got the backing made for my Mill Girls, pieces cut for my Hearts and Apron Strings (I am on the churn dashes now - 26 left to sew up), got some material on sale at the local Jo-Ann's and got the applique parts for Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilt, 'Order Number Eleven" all cut out and pinned down to be sewn.   I have 4 more blocks to sew up and I will be done with them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New book

New book from Connecting Threads (on sale too!).
This is a VERY good book.  It really addresses the issue which is maintaining organization once you set it up. 

The ideas are also very realistic and affordable.  She has you work with what you have so that you can realign the existing.   This is especially good for those with limited space and budgets.  

It is the best book I have seen on the subject so far.

Finally completed the Seven Sisters block!

I had my doubts about it's getting done at all.  Like my little wavy points?  I am pretending the sisters are pointing at each other.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More blocks completed

 "Carolina Lily"
 "Hovering Hawks"
 "Ladies Aid"
Somehow this looks candy-ish, like taffy which might be fine as it is called "New England Block".
"Ohio Star"
 I love this block and managed to applique that star on just as I wanted it.
 A bit finicky to put together but well worth it. 
 I was glad to have the red print fabric for this one, The Right Hand of Friendship.
 This one was supposed to line up in the striped parts but didn't and I decided it was alright that it did not.
 I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I even pieced the red and white.
These have been in the works for some time and have just been finished.