Monday, February 6, 2012

Lot's of progress!

I had a wonderful weekend with my Saturday Sampler group on Saturday including a trip to a new 5 & 10 cent store in town that is selling cheap fat quarters.  I managed to get 3 twelve-inch blocks cut out by the end of Saturday too. 
Since there was unexpected sunshine on Sunday I got my craft room picked up in the morning before church and in the late afternoon got to spend 2-3 hours in the sunshine I need to have picking fabrics for ALL the rest of my Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilt blocks AND for 2 quilt backings.   I even cleaned up after all that activity and got 6 blocks cut out.   Last night I sewed up one block and this morning since I was awake with a cough at 4:30 am, I sewed up 3 more before work.
And here they are: 
 Comfort Quilt
 Apple Tree
 Kentucky Crossroads
Fort Sumter


  1. Cassandra,

    Your blocks look great. I love your fabric choices!


    1. Thanks Debbie! I am on a roll with these Barb Brackman Civil War Quilt blocks.

      I figured out the backing for my Mill Girls too! The 5 yards piece I bought at Tilfords was not the right color so I'm saving it for another project. I'm going to use 3 pieces in 3 colors where the pattern is all the same.

  2. Hey, are the fat quarters you talked about at the shop on Lafayette? We were down there, and I saw this sign that said Fat Quarters and I thought surely not...and were they quilt shop quality or the thin, thing stuff?

    1. Yes it is on the corner of Maple and Lafayette! They have good quality cotton, some of it Judie Rothermel/Marcus stuff. They also have 5 yard chunks some of them VERY nice indeed.
      The guy who was told to put out the sign about Fat Quarters had no idea what they were.
      I was inclined to skip it since I have plenty of fabric but there were some good things in there and the fun of the shop itself is not to be missed.