Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally got the purse made!

Having bought the Indygo pattern 4 years ago and thanks now to a workshop at the new Wabash Valley Quilts store, I have made my first purse.


  1. where is the Wabash valley quilts store??? Is it in Terre Haute?? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Here is the website for the new store:

    It is located on Wabash in Terre Haute and just opened a couple of months ago. It has a nice range of fabrics too and I am looking forward to shopping there!

    I am SOoooooo glad Terre Haute has an official quilting store.
    The rooms for the classes/workshops are very nice.

  3. That's the old Pyle Sew N Vac shop, isn't it? Or where it used to be. Wonder if it is under new ownership.

    Have you been to Lori's Pins & Needles in Paris? Do you ever go to Arthur to Stitch & Sew?

  4. Yes it is only they tore down the old building and built a whole fresh new one, very, very nice! It is owned by 2 women one of whom is named Teresa and the other I am not sure of.

    I've been to Lori's many, many times. I did the Block-of-the-Month from 2009-2012. I took this year off just to catch up on all the blocks and finish them into quilts.

    I have not been to Arthur's Stitch & Sew and thanks for reminding me because I want to make a trip there soon with hubby and see Rockhome Gardens etc.

    I JUST finished last years blocks this past week and plan to start assembling the tops for quilting very soon so there will be some pictures coming up.