Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some more pics of that crazy quilt - found old photos....

Having found my jump key with the photos taken before the great computer crash last fall, I have pictures of some of the other blocks from my crazy quilt.

It is a UFO and MUST be finished this year, I vow to!

This square is called Big Red Dot.

This square is called Bumble Bee.

This square is named the Dragonfly Square.

This one is called the Lady Bug Square.

Here is the Monarch Butterfly Square.

This one was just called "Plain Old Square"

The Red Heart Square.

And the Spiderweb Square.

This one is the finished version of the one shown at the end of this post, I call it the Rajah square. Rajah was my favorite cat who died in 1994 and whom I got as tiny kitten in 1979.

This is called the SAC block, for Strategic Air Command.

Here is the early version of the Rajah block. There will be 4 more squares all them surrounding the center medallion.


  1. How does SAC relate to you? My husband was in SAC... he retired from the Air Force in 1989.

  2. I joined the USAF in 1977 and was assigned to Grissom Air Force Base, a SAC base. I was in the 305th Air Refueling Wing. I was a Medical Admin for 4 years.