Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Wonderful Retreat!

This past weekend at Threads of Time in Danville, Illinois.   Here is the room Debbie and I shared.  The quilt in this room I thought was especially nice.

I ended up next to the door and outer wall which was PERFECT as it was nice and cool and I hardly needed my fan at all.   You can see Debbie's & my 301's set up and ready to sew....

What I got done - I finished off the 12 "Chiclet's" blocks at last!   I plan to sandwich this part and machine quilt it and then add borders - heaven only knows when that will happen though.  It is sort of Christmassy.

 And here I got through 3 of the 4 left to do of the Web Sampler Blocks.   They were done Sunday morning and as I got to the fourth and last one I bogged down somehow.   I broke the third needle of the weekend and had to rip out any number of seams.  Some little voice inside my head said to quit trying and so I did after getting about half done on that last block.  

So here is how the last block looks and will look for I hope not too very long, NOT a whole year!

Some "treats" from the weekend include these, all of which were done by our own guild members.  I think they are all just GORGEOUS!  

Many people in our guild are working on this Maple Leaf quilt and every one of them is very different and each one is just stupendous. 
I'm having to hold myself back to not start one myself.

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