Friday, December 16, 2011

The other thing I'm working on just now

is this fall leaves quilt.  There will be logs around each of these 9" blocks.  I'm using batiks in this one for the first time and just loving every scrap of them I cut and use.   This one is winning me over to batiks.


  1. I keep thinking I need to make one of these quilts...I have a bunch of batiks that would make beautiful leaves. This is just so beautiful...really makes me think I might make one when I finish my current project.

    1. And now my Saturday Sampler is a batik this year! I just sewed up the first block last night. I'm going to be adding a few more batiks to my rather bursting at the seams (pun intended) stash.

      I'm in the process now of sewing the logs to the sides of these leaves.

      Just the thought of piecing is almost intoxicating, I'm at work now....