Thursday, February 23, 2012

Morning indulgence

This morning I sat down in my craft room as I do every morning for just a few minutes sometimes to just look at things and recall good times past and contemplate many good times (sewing) in the future.
Having just finished the BB CWQ blocks last night;  I dragged out my Saturday Sampler box and thought I'd just look at the blocks all laid out on felts.
Then I said, awww, just sew up a coupla bits....just a few.

I had to DRAG myself away from the 2/3rd's completed block and had barely enough time to make my breakfast and lunch (had to eat at work) and get dressed and out the door!  
It truly was SEW MUCH FUN that I just almost could not stop. 
I kept saying to myself, "time to quit kid" and then kept going.
The clock battery is dying in my craft room and it showed 3 am and so I couldn't see how much time was passing and it was moving fast.

Still, it was worth it.  Blocks look good laid out on felts but they look even better when sewn together!

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