Monday, January 27, 2014

Progress! Hearts & Apron Strings

These rounds of churn dashes & butterflies has been sitting about all done but for 9 of them since 2012 sometime, maybe even longer.   Thanks to a sew day and happy news medically, I finished them off and got it all sewn together.   Now on to the 56 T's!


  1. Beautiful , makes me happy just to look at it. You are a color genius magician..

  2. Beautiful! I love the butterfly blocks. I'm at the same stage you are. But, my measurements are not where they are supposed to be. Can you tell me how many inches long each side is on yours and how big the t blocks are supposed to be? I'm trying to get it to the right size so the last two borders will fit correctly.
    Thank you so much, Lindsey

    1. Sorry it's been so long to reply, an attack of life!
      But I JUST got my first successful T-block done only yesterday!
      The overall unfinished block should be 5 1/2".
      The large half square triangle before sewing the other parts on to it should be 4"
      The smaller half square triangles before sewing together should each be 2 1/4".
      It took me all of yesterday afternoon nearly, to figure this out!
      Now I have 53 more of these T's to make!

      I am not sure of the length of my sides but I did find out yesterday that 2 of the T-s should fit into the white triangle between the churn dashes, i.e. that long edge should be 10".

      This quilt is a bear, but a very beautiful bear!!!